Jesse Haw for Secretary of State
Jesse Haw for Secretary of State

Securing Nevada’s Elections

“It’s time to restore faith in our elections. The laws put in place by a handful of extreme liberals in Carson City have made it easier to cheat and harder to get caught. As Secretary of State, I will make the necessary changes to create a safe and secure environment for elections in Nevada.”

Jesse Haw



The Secretary of State’s office manages every business in Nevada. Don’t we need someone who has run a business in this position? I am the only candidate with the business background and experience in the field. Don’t elect a politician to run the state’s Business Division; elect someone who knows what it’s like for everyday Nevadans.

Businessman Jesse Haw

My name is Jesse Haw, and I am running for Secretary of State to tackle Election Security in Nevada.

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Nevada ranks 50th in terms of Election Integrity, according to the Heritage Foundation. Democrats used COVID as an excuse to change our laws and manipulate the system. Enough is enough.

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Together, we will take back our elections and eliminate possible fraud. The first bill I will send to the Nevada Legislature will be to require a photo ID to vote. And whether the legislature acts or it doesn’t, I will immediately start the process to change our state’s constitution to require a photo ID to vote in Nevada. We cannot allow liberal, single party rule to get in the way of something the vast majority of Nevadans agree should be the law.

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Ballot Harvesting was a felony in Nevada, punishable by jail time, prior to liberal, single party rule. Now it is encouraged. It is a process that opens the door to fraud and should be a crime, and it will be when we are done.

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By requiring Nevada state issued photo identification we can make sure elections are transparent, fair, and accurate. I believe all Nevadans who are US Citizens should have the opportunity to vote. We will transform Nevada from one of the worst election systems in America to one of the best.

The Plan for Nevada’s Future

  • Require Voter ID
  • Ban Ballot Harvesting
  • End Universal Mail Ballots
  • Change From Signature Verification for absentee ballots to driver’s license or other ID verification.